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Nosibay’s network currently covers North America as well as the principal European markets.

This enables us to distribute around 3 million partner software programmes per month.

Software Monetization Tools

Install Tools: A dedicated software installation platform (installer) including bundle offers

Selection Tools: Various monetization tools to be packaged with your own free Apps (remarketing offers, real time desktop alerts …)



Boost your revenues by distributing our applications.

Nosibay offers a range of cutomizable desktop applications which are distributed in Europe and North America with a very attractive PPI

For example: Bubble Dock provides opportunities for customer acquisition and loyalty improvement and is widely used by the general public with over 6 million users worldwide.


Bubble Dock is a truly unique tool. As a free PC application it offers personalization options that put the user first. The ability to keep an eye on everything that interests you from the comfort of your desktop is a genuine game changer. Bubble Dock is a fine of example of a tool that makes advertising useful, timely and helpful. The rich Bubble Store boasts hundreds of Bubble Apps to choose from, allowing users to stay up to date with the latest sports results, stock prices or breaking news stories as well as the latest geo-targeted Groupon offer and much more besides. If you want to add content that’s not already present in the Bubble Store that’s no problem either, a simple drag and drop is all it takes. Real time desktop alerts keep you in the loop effortlessly.

For advertisers, Bubble Dock is the best possible tool for campaign distribution. By beginning the customer relationship directly on the users desktop the advertiser becomes the centre of attention. For today’s savvy users the traditional online advertising channels of the email inbox and internet browser are losing visibility by the day.

2014 was an important year for Bubble Dock as its user base grew solidly through its dedicated country-specific versions for France, the UK, Italy and Spain. The launch of new versions of Bubble Dock for Canada and the US in early 2015 were just the tip of the iceberg of Nosibay’s development plans, as strong growth builds upon existing success.

Bubble Dock


More information available here

Bubble Dock is 100% free software

About us

Nosibay builds innovative customer acquisition and loyalty E-commerce and E-marketing applications, offering publishers, advertisers and software editors a direct and unique communication channel with internet users worldwide.

As a specialist in the distribution and monetization of applications, Nosibay develops and publishes desktop and mobile apps on the international stage. Its programs, present in the European and North American markets, are now used by millions of internet users.

Nosibay was established in 2004 with a capital of €325,000 and is located in Montpellier in the south of France.

As a key player in innovative technologies, Nosibay is stepping up its development, enriching its software offering, continuing its international expansion and is about to launch a brand new R&D programme.

The more you need interactivity, the more our products are relevant.

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